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Conversations that Speak about
Completing a Great Retreat

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June 2014
Three nights of interviews with a Buddhist nun about her experiences in a three-year meditation retreat that embraced silence and solitude. John Stilwell presents authentic questions to Venerable Chunzom regarding practical & inspirational retreat experiences that empower you to do your own retreat.


Class 1
The Arc of Retreat Experience
How does long retreat progress and flow in the arc of a day, month, and year?


Class 2
Deepening Knowledge through Meditation
How does a 3-year retreat change the nature of your mind in wisdom and love?


Class 3
Living the Outcome of Retreat: 3 years of meditation in retrospect
and practical advice for creating your own retreat.


Prayers Whisper Peace

In December 2011, Venerable Lama Chunzom sent out this recorded teaching from her 3-year Great Retreat in the Arizona desert. In it, she shares descriptive stories of her experience, interwoven with ancient teachings from Buddhist Masters that will guide us in finding the true means to inner peace that shall surely spread peace throughout the world.