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April 2007
A prayer of lama devotion centering on the matchless Je Tsongkapa, A Thousand Angels of the Heaven of Bliss is a practice that lays the foundation for success in advanced meditation. In this weekend intensive we will cover the visualizations in this prayer which invoke the blessings of our spiritual guide and help us cultivate faith toward them.

True lama devotion comes through understanding how our deepest realizations come at the kindness of our Teachers. A brief and exquisite classic text on the steps to Buddhahood, The Source of All My Good — the second prayer we will study this weekend — shows us how finding and serving a spiritual guide is the very root of our path to enlightenment.


Mandala Offering of the Universe

July 2008
If we want success and satisfaction we need to become experts at giving. One of the highest forms of giving is making offering to our teachers and saints. This is where your mandala comes in. These three classes go step-by-step over how to build a 37-point mandala. Each point can be found in your life and serve as a way to give the highest offerings for the best results. This is an effective and smart way of charging up your gifts and opening your mind.