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Self-Care Exchange

November 2018

If everyone saw the world from my eyes, then they would know how I want to be treated.
What if it was the other way around, and we saw the people around us connected to
our own needs? How much care must we give to ourselves to be able to extend the same care to others?
This Self-Care Exchange is a radical form of self-care that will improve health and mental well-being.
Limitless Health Institute offers guided meditations and practical exercises on how to look out for #1.

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7 Steps to Love

December 2017

Simple acts of kindness happen all the time.
Everyday someone is doing something that helps you get what you want to be happy.
It is time to be thankful. Learn how to deepen your gratitude
for the good things in your life with seven steps
and spread the wish to love to everyone in the world. 


Realize Your Perfection:
Awaken the Potential of True Love

April 2010
The greatest way to live a life full of true compassion is to train the heart
in methods and wisdom of the Six Perfections. These are the daily activities
of bodhisattvas, those who realize the only way to attain happiness is to serve others.
These teachings will open your heart to the truth of love that is everlasting.

This class is based on teachings by Pabongka Rinpoche on the Lam Rim Chenmo,
Great Book on the Steps of the Path, at Sera Mey Monastery in 1937.
His flawless oral commentary became the classic
A Gift of Liberation Thrust into Your Hands.

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A Mother's Kindness

May 2015
This teaching focuses on The Seven Step Meditation that will take everyone to compassion.
Embodying a mother’s caring heart becomes a vehicle for developing concern
for the suffering of all people and the wish to help them reach happiness.
Experience the path to love!



A Forgiving Heart

February 2014
Victory comes with a Forgiving Heart. There is no chance for inner peace when anger lingers in a heart untouched by forgiveness. The greatest battle is the fight for peace within ourselves when the heart is attacked by dislike for others who cause us suffering. Learn from the Masters of patience how to wield a sword of wisdom to conquer every disturbing incident in our lives with a forgiving heart.

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The Wish

June 2012
Once upon beginningless time there was…
A great Wish that came to life as the heart chakra
Opened to a universe of infinite love.
From that moment without end…
The Angel of the Sky,
Granted every single living creature with
A passage to happiness everlasting.

Venerable Lama Chunzom speaks to us again from her 3-year Great Retreat in the desert, revealing methods to develop an extraordinary love that will lead to ultimate happiness. Venerable Lama takes us on a magical journey of opening the heart through a series of meditations in the Buddhist tradition.

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The World
in Relationship to You

May 2010
Bring the best of you into all relationships in your life. A presentation on equanimity
from the text The Path to Bliss by the First Panchen Lama (1570-1662).
“For time with no beginning, I have cherished only myself.
But doing so hasn’t accomplished anything for me or for others.
In fact, it has forced us to undergo an endless variety of disappointment.”
Everything is possible when you surrender to loving all.

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Taking Care of Others

Come hear ancient wisdom.
Light the way to your limitless compassion.
Build a practice for those you love.



Your Good Heart

In Buddhism, Lojong, or good heart training, has been composed and passed down in an oral tradition from Lama to student for thousands of years, and has has flowed into the open teachings around the world. These specific techniques are now regarded as some of the most inspiring and practical ways of living a rich spiritual life. Lojong is meant for the business executive, the school teacher, the busy mom, as well as the spiritual practitioner up in the mountains. Listen closely and apply these teachings for fast, surprising results in your life.