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Meditate Creative


January 2019
Inspiration seems to come and go spontaneously. There’s a cool method to make sure creative ideas stay flowing when you need them to, and to have the clarity to know when an idea will manifest into song, dance, or story. Meditative awareness opens the heart to hear sounds and see movements on a different level inside and out. You can be filled with creative energy whenever you want! Do something different this new year, and start knowing how to use classical meditation techniques to unleash your inner repertoire as you share creative moments with others to spark their imagination. Fire up creativity, as we together, enjoy artistic connections with everyone.


Meditations on the
Diamond Cutter Sutra

May 2018
During the last two years, Venerable Chunzom has taught upon
the great ideas of the Diamond Cutter Sutra.  We’ve used the
ancient Indian commentary of Master Kamalashila, with secrets
that haven’t been explored for over a thousand years. 

In the final teaching of this series, the Buddha answers
five mysterious questions from his student, Subhuti:
1) How do I build a Buddha paradise?
2) Is the Diamond Cutter a book, or an idea?
3) How can you write if the pen never touches the paper?
4) How did I help make the Buddha get enlightened, 
before I even met him?
5) Should I say I know, when I do, or say I don’t?

Somewhere in the answers to these questions is the key
to getting everything we want in our life. We’ll explore
the inside of our minds in meditations on these questions.

DCS May 9.jpeg

Step Up to Meditation 

February 2010
In meditation, the mind can climb to new insights.
Often we never get off the ground.  Learn how to use practical
solutions to mental obstacles, and walk the line between distractions
and dullness.  This experiential class is filled with classical methods
based on Master Kamalashila (750 AD). Move through the
different levels of concentration toward your goals
on the meditation cushion and in life.


Meditations on the
Diamond Cutter Sutra

February 2018
Enjoy inner success all day! Master Kamalashila’s book called
The Meaning of the Diamond Cutter, teaches us to meditate
for knowledge that will make every moment successful. Come
meditate to deepen your understanding how the wisdom of
the Diamond Cutter Sutra can create a meaningful life.
Venerable Chunzom will highlight some of the extraordinary
meditations that Geshe Michael Roach has been giving us
through his teachings on this text over
the past years in New York City.

Diamond Cutter Sutra Meditations small.jpg

Dance of the Lion

Fall 2017 - Winter 2018
In "The Dance of the Lion" meditations, we travel through different
states of mind. Discover how the mind operates in the desire realm
where we now live, and move it to the form and formless realms.
Why do this? To realize how everything we ever see is popping out of
mental seeds that are planted when we are nice, or not nice, to
someone else! The Lion’s Dance meditations examine the subtle part
of our world our senses aren't normally tuned fine enough to experience.
Gain the mental quiet to put your mind into different states at will
– this is the dance to see emptiness directly.

Dance of the Lion.jpeg

Master Kamalashila: Meditations
on the Diamond Cutter Sutra

Spring 2017 - NYC
Lord Buddha gives us a roadmap for reaching enlightenment,
and entering a diamond body that simultaneously
serves all living beings, everywhere.

Master Kamalashila's meditations will guide us all the way!


The Art of Procrastination

September 2016 - Los Angeles
You think there’s nothing going on. You stop to pause from doing
what you think you’re supposed to do. The Art of Procrastination within
creative moments gives the unknown a space to appear. Through meditation
methods taken from ancient texts, writers and any creative persons can tap into
that flow of creativity and keep it going. Bring in your creative obstacles and
let’s workshop together to see how procrastination can be inspirational.


Meditation Masterpieces

June 2016 - NYC
Design a successful meditation practice that helps you to live with wisdom
and love all day. This series of classes reveals a beautiful lifestyle that makes every
meditation a masterpiece. Master Kamalashila’s Stages of Meditation will refine your
art of meditation, as his exceptional presentation on The Meaning of the Diamond Cutter
exquisitely exhibits what to focus on during your daily meditation
to make your day, your life, exactly how you wish it to be.


The Essence of Meditation

May 2016
Authentic Tibetan meditation techniques are used to understand
more about each stage the mind must travel through in a single meditation session. 

The essence of Meditation same ratio video.jpg

Celebration Meditation

November 2015 - NYC
Recline with a cup of tea, relax after a full day, and rejoice about what you have done.
Consciously pausing to meditate on the acts of kindness that you do waters those
sweet seeds to rise into immeasurable flowers of joy every day. 

Celebration Meditation 16 to 9.jpg

Dream of a Midsummer Night

August 2015 - NYC
Come explore insights and meditations on emptiness, and have fun
searching for the thing that is not there. Experience meditations that are
focused upon the truth of “emptiness:” the fact that there is nothing in our lives
which is not coming from how we treat others around us. Using logical reasoning,
explore the play of illusion we project onto the blank screen of our lives
and learn how to awaken from the dream of misperceptions we live by.
Once we see that the way things truly work in the world is completely
different than what we have always thought, we can
realize new possibilities for happiness!

Dream of a M N postcard.jpg
Dream of a M N 16.9.jpg

Journey to Happiness
Through Creative Meditation

July 2010 - Nicaragua
Teachings from Buddhist Text
A Book to Please Those with the Core of Goodness
by Tibetan Master Chone Drakpa Shedrup

Untie the mystery at your heart to bring happiness and find creative ways
to connect with the world. All the beauty in it branches out from the center
of your body. It calls you to it, but it already comes from you, from your inner inspirations.
They will bring you the completion of happiness that begins with the creation of your art.
Learn ancient meditation techniques to open the doors of expression and bring
everything you want into the world. There is a sacred place for everyone.

worldandyou_postcard11_p1 copy.jpg

Journey to Open the Subtle Body

The yoga of inner winds and consciousness

June 2010 - NYC
While clearing the route to
Crucial points at the
Chakras of the channels,
The map of the inner body
Is revealed.

You can then find where
Misperceptions of reality
Stir and stop in
Meditations that open
The subtle passage
To wisdom and bliss.

Teachings from
A Book to Please Those with the Core of Goodness
by Master Chone Drakpa Shedrup

Realize Your Perfection.jpg

Movement Meditation

September 2009 - NYC
The Winds of the Heart
Move to the sounds & rhythms
of your inner winds & thoughts
in guided explorations of movement


Your Good Heart

April 2009 - NYC
In Buddhism, Lojong or good heart training has been composed and passed down
in an oral tradition from Lama to student for thousands of years, and has flowed
into the open teachings around the world. These specific techniques are now regarded
as some of the most inspiring and practical ways of living a rich spiritual life.
Lojong is meant for the business executive, the school teacher, the busy mom,
as well as the spiritual practitioner up in the mountains.
Listen closely and apply these teachings for fast, surprising results in your life.